Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you prefer Shimmery Eyeshadow or Matte?

I'm not sure about you but when I first started wearing makeup (and for years beyond that), I tried to wear the eyeshadows with colors that I was drawn to. I loved purples, blues and greens. Typically they were shimmery and beautiful in the palette, I'd wear them and think I looked pretty good. Until I got into my 30s and started experimenting with neutral colors which I had never liked before. I noticed they started complimenting my skin better. All those years where I thought I had red in my skin and was told to wear more Springy type colors had mislead me into thinking I was looking my best...until I also discovered I had warm yellowy tones in my skin as well. I'm one of those people that is sort of an anomoly - however warm colors look better on me. This leads me to my next learning experience...matte vs shimmery shadows? I loved the shimmery shadows because they are beautiful but the matte ones looked more natural and sophisticated...more grown up. I also started watching people who used shimmery shadows and soon started realizing that it seems to make even the youngest yes look crepey. Is it just me or do shimmery's make everyone's eyes look wrinkley? Don't get me wrong, I still love shimmery shadows but I have learned how to make them work for me. I put a neutral matte in the crease and it tones down the shimmery and looks more grown up. Its nice to be able to alternate shimmery and all matte looks though. I could never give up the shimmers although as I get older, I continue to find products and techniques that work better for me and help me to look better and better. AHHHH I love make up :) What are your experiences and which type of eye shadow do you prefer?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I put Eyeshadow Primer on my WHAT!?!

Just being silly with the title obviously but if you have NOT YET tried eyeshadow primer on UNDER your eyes, let me be teh first to tell you that you are MISSING OUT. I could not believe how amazing it worked for me. My concealer has not creased all day and that is a feat in itself! I used the Urban Decay regular primer potion and I only needed one appliction. I usually put on a brightener and a layer of concealer but today I just used the concealer and it seemed bright and lasted all day. I think I'm already hooked after just trying this once. I am going to continue to give it a shot and report back about other primers to see how they test. I first got this idea after hearing about the ingenious idea that Benefit had when they created a primer for both lids and undereyes and thought, "I wonder how just a regular primer would stack up." So glad I did! Go Urban Decay!

Orchid Lipcloss - Revlon/Modesty Lipstick - Mac

I am LOVING my two new lip products that I picked up last weekend. I back to MAC'd 6 items and picked up my latest fav lipstick at the MAC counter...Modesty! I seem to always try the MAC lipsticks but come home with one that just ends up sitting in my drawer but not this time! Typically I use the Viva Glam I with Instant Gold gloss on top but I find it too pale for my taste in the summer months when I have a bit of a tan. Finally I have found my solution! Revlon Colorstay lipglass in "Orchid" with "Modesty" lipstick by MAC. Orchid is pretty enough on its own for quick application times (first pic), then Modesty on it's own, then the third pic is with both of them applied. Hope you like!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Foundation Primer Review

Have you been thinking about purchasing the Tarte Clean Slate Poreless foundation primer? I just did a side by side comparison of my foundation with no primer and then the same side of my face with the foundation but the primer underneath. I have large pores near my nose that I'm not so keen about. So far, not too many wrinkles to fill in. I was hoping this would help my pore situation and heard that this primer may be good. I was exctatic to see that it was available in a sampler trio from tarte for only $9 at Ulta!! To me this was a no brainer, I got to try out 3 products; their eye shadow primer, the skin brightener and the poreless primer. Well after giving it a whirl, I'm ready to report back. Was it a must have product? In my humble opinion, NO *hangs head in shame* I do see a VERY slight difference. Potentially it could help mattify and fill in pores a bit. be the judge...have a look here:
First without the primer and then with (last pic): I felt like this primer was a lot like the Smashbox one. I used half that bottle years ago and never finished it for the same reasons. I also used the eyeshadow primer and felt like it was a lot like the too faced shadow primer.